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Saturday, 1 October 2016

7 Reasons To Hire Only Licensed Cleaning Company

The ever rising costs of living standards has forced many people in Singapore to spend more time working in order to sustain themselves and live a decent life. As a result, most people find it challenging to clean their house thoroughly because of limited time that they have. In fact, most people nowadays spend more than one month before they thoroughly clean their houses.
For that reason, most Singapore residence have found it necessary to hire a home cleaning company to ensure that their home is kept clean when they are busy looking for something to sustain themselves and their families. However, a study that was conducted recently by an independent institution found out that most people who complain that they don’t get quality services is because they hire cleaning companies that have not been licensed.

A cleaning company that has been licensed has complied with all laws and regulations that have been put in place by state. Some of the regulation include hiring quality staff, having the right cleaning equipment among many others. So are you considering to hire a cleaning company? If yes then below are 7 reasons to hire only licensed cleaning company.

1. They have the right cleaning equipment
When hiring a cleaning company, you of cause expect to get the best services. This is because you assume that the cleaning company that you hire has all necessary cleaning equipment that are needed to clean your house. However, in most cases, many homeowner usually end up being disappointed because they get services that is far from what they expected. Although there are many cleaning companies in Singapore, the truth is that not all of them have necessary cleaning equipment needed when cleaning a house. As a result they usually end up giving poor services to their clients. However, that is not the case when you hire a licensed cleaning company. In order for a company to be licensed in Singapore, it must prove to the relevant authority that they have the right cleaning tools. In addition to that they must also demonstrate they know how to use those equipment so as to give the client quality services.

2. They have complied with all laws and regulations
Before a cleaning company is licensed, it must comply with all laws and regulation that governs the cleaning industry. This laws have been put in place by the state to ensure that cleaning companies maintain high cleaning standards. When you hire a cleaning company that is not licensed, it means that it has not complied with laws and regulation that have been put in place. This means that you should not expect to get quality services form them. On the other hand, if you hire a cleaning services that is licensed, then you should expect nothing but the best because the company has complied with all strict laws that have been put in place.

3. They have good reputation  
Before you hire the services of a cleaning company, it is very important to first take your time and inquire about its reputation. The best way to do is that is by taking your time and talking to previous clients who have used the services of that particular cleaning company. If you conduct your research well, you will come to discover that cleaning companies that are licensed enjoy good reputation when compared to those that have not been licensed. This is because licensed cleaning companies are usually concerned in giving client quality services as opposed to making profits as it is usually the case with cleaning companies that have not been licensed. Choosing a cleaning company that has good reputation with increase your chances of getting quality services.

4. They are insured
All cleaning services that have been licensed have also been insured. Insurance is a very important factor that many homeowners in Singapore usually overlook when looking for a reliable cleaning company. If a company is insured, it actually means that it will take care of all expenses that will occur when they are in line of duty. This means that if they damage your television or fridge when cleaning your house, they will actually be liable for the cost of repair or replacement. This factor is very important because it means that you don’t have to worry about losing your hard earned items.

5. They have qualified cleaners
The difference between getting a quality cleaning services that even exceed your expectations and getting low quality services that disappoints you lies on the cleaners. Cleaning companies that have not been licensed care less about the quality of cleaners that they hire. Most of them are usually interested in making huge profits as opposed to providing quality services to their clients. However, that is not the case with licensed cleaning companies. Their main priority is to provide quality services to their clients and that is why they usually hire cleaners who are quailed and experienced. In addition to that, they usually train them on a regular basis to ensure that they are equipped with the latest cleaning skills that the market demands.

6. They exercise high level of integrity
There have been many cases of clients losing their assets when they hire a cleaning company. A licensed cleaning company usually excursive high level of integrity. They have cleaners who have been well trained and they respect the client’s property. When you hire their services, you don’t have to be on guard all the time because you are worried that you will lose your valuable assets. This is because they exercise high level of integrity and professionalism when dealing with client’s property.

7. Quality customer care services
The quality of customer care given will dictate the quality of cleaning services that you will get. Licensed cleaning companies value their clients more than anything else and that is why most of them have established a customer care department that exclusively deals with customer issues. If you want to inquire about their services, hire their service or even file a complaint, you can be sure that you will be listened to and appropriate action will be taken within a very short period of time. This is because they believe in giving quality services that are long lasting to their clients. Quality customer care services that they give also means that they are reliable.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Can Toothpaste Remove Stubborn Stains

We all want to keep out house clean and stain free. You cannot say anything is wrong in this requirement because staying in a clean house is always the best way of having a good life. However, many times, you get some stubborn stains in your home and you fail to clean the same with ease. In order to clean these stubborn stains, many people prefer to use different kind of chemicals and that is definitely a trustworthy method for same. But a lot of other people are also there that trust on toothpaste to remove stubborn stains. Because of this reasons you and many other people that do not use this option can wonder about its use. Also, you may ask can toothpaste remove stubborn stain? 

If you have the same question, then answer is yes for you. 

There are so many ways that toothpaste can help you remove stubborn stains in your house and I am sharing some of the methods below with you in this article.

You can clean your iron: When you use your iron for sometimes, then it gets a specific deposition of minerals on its surface. Normally you find it really hard to remove that kind of stubborn stains from your iron and it affect the capacity of iron as well. But toothpaste can be a great solution for you in this situation. You can rub some toothpaste on the iron with toothbrush and it will break the deposition of mineral from your iron. After brushing it for some time you can wipe it with a damp cloth and you will have a clean iron easily. If you have anything else in your house that has any kind of mineral deposition on it, then you can try to remove those stains also with the help of toothpaste. Chances are high that you will be able to remove those other stains as well easily.

You can clean bathroom sink: Your bathroom sink is one of those places that always get stubborn stains on regular basis. If you want to remove these stubborn stains, you can always remove that easily using toothpaste. For this cleaning you can pour some toothpaste in your bathroom sink, you can use a sponge to scrub the sink and after that you can rinse it properly with clean water. With this method you will be able to have a shiny sink for sure. If you want you can use your bathtub also with this method and you can have shiny bathtub as well. Along with that, you can use the same for cleaning of your kitchen sink as well. You need to follow the same method for cleaning of your kitchen sink and you can get amazing result with ease in a great way.

Get rid of stains from fabric: On your fabric, you can have different kind of stubborn stains that becomes almost impossible to remove without dry cleaning. If you have any kind of stubborn stains such as lipstick, ink stains, or grease on your fabric, then you can use toothpaste to remove that stain. For this requirement you can simply rub some toothpaste in your stain using a toothbrush and that will remove the stain easily. However, before you apply this method on your dresses or fabric, it is a wise idea that you do a spot testing to confirm the toothpaste is not affecting colour of your fabric. 

Remove crayon from your wall: If you have some kids in your family, then you may have a lot of crayon stains as well on your walls. That is the story of every home and these crayon marks can be one of the most stubborn stains to remove. Thankfully you can remove the crayon marks easily with the help of toothpaste. In order to remove the crayon marks from your walls, you can use a damp cloth and you can dub some toothpaste on it. After that you can scrub the same and you can try to remove the crayon from you wall in a circular motion. In a good situation it should remove the crayons from your wall and you will be able to get a good result as well with ease. However, you need to remember that it might hurt the paint of your wall as well. To avoid that issue, you should do a patch test before applying the same for the cleaning of your wall.

Clean your furniture: If you have plastic furniture in your home then you can clean that also with the help toothpaste. If you have any kind of stain or mark on your plastic furniture then you can simply rub some toothpaste in it and that will help you have clean furniture. The good thing about this option is that if you will use it for cleaning of your furniture, then you will be able to have really great shine as well with it. So that is one more good thing that you can do f this particular requirement that too without any kind of trouble. You can use this particular option to clean your outside furniture as well as your inside one also. The only limitation is that if you are using it to clean wooden furniture’s then you should test it accordingly to get the best outcome for same.

In addition to these things, there are so many other things are also there that you can do to clean come stubborn stains from any place in your home. The good thing about this option is that you will be able to clean things without any kind of problem and you can have fantastic outcome as well with ease. So, if you have any kind of stubborn stains in your house them you can use that option for same. Also, these details can simply explain it to you that if you have any kind of stubborn stains in your house at any place, then you will be able to remove that easily with toothpaste. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Useful Tips On Removing Stains From Carpet

Carpet stains are inevitable in the house no matter the steps you take in prevention. When it does happen, your once beautiful carpet turns into 50 shades of ugly. Spills from ink, nail paint, tea or coffee, wine, or pet mess could negatively affect your carpet without recourse that is if you do not act fast and remove it. There are several DIY remedies for a stained carpet that will save your dime. A penny earned is a penny saved so they say, you won’t have to call professional carpet cleaners .Below are some tips on removing stains from carpet.

Some of the Most Useful Tips On Removing Stains From Carpet

Coffee and tea stains
Coffee or tea spills are normal in any household but what will you do when they tarnish the look of your carpet? Worse still, someone might confuse them for pet mess, your hypersensitive allergic visitor won’t touch on his/her food. To save face, whenever coffee spills on your carpet do the following.

Dry the stained area by wiping with a clean dry towel, be sure to contain the stain within a small area, and do not spread it further by rubbing.

• Sufficiently spray the soiled area with a solution of vinegar, water and a detergent
• Soak the stained spot with the stain remover mixture, rub, rinse with warm water and dry. Repeat the soaking and rubbing until the stain is vanquished.
• If you plan to use stain removal products first perform a test to ensure the chemicals won’t react negatively with your carpet material. Safety first so take precautions and wear gloves to protect your skin while working with this treatments.

Alcohol drinks and fruit juices
There are many household solutions and chemicals you can use to remove alcoholic drink stains from your carpet. Follow the below procedure.

• Wipe the stain with a clean dry towel, don’t rub for this cause the stain to further embed in the fabric and be stubborn to remove
• Use a homemade stain remover made of vinegar, Dawn dish soap and water. Spray the solution on the stained area and allow soaking for five minutes.
• After soaking for some time proceed to blot with a clean dry towel until the stain is removed.
• For stubborn stains, try some carpet stain removal products in the market, but be sure to test on a small area first before applying the treatments on the rest of your carpet.
• Alternatively, if you spill alcohol on your carpet, pour some white wine on the spot to blot the color.
• Rinse, then sprinkle baking soda or salt on the area and rub in gently
• Rinse again and vacuum to dry.
• If you spill fresh juice on the carpet shaving cream can save your day. Simply squirt some shaving cream on the stained area and wait for a few seconds
• Wipe the area clean with a clean clothe

Blood stains
Do not let the color freak you out, blood stains are some of the easiest to clean from your carpet. All you need to do is clean it fast before it dries on the spot. The longer you wait, the more stubborn it becomes.

• Spray the area with an assortment of cold water and detergent .Cold water is preferred because blood coagulates in heat and warm water will make it to sip further and spread to other areas. Spray the stained area until it is totally soaked
• Use a clean and dry white cloth to wipe the area and remove the stain
• Rinse with cold water and repeat the procedure until the stain is entirely removed.

Ink stains
Kids love playing around with ink and occasionally they decide to add their own decorations on the floor. Do you sometimes worry; the tips below will help you rid your carpet of the stubborn ink spills.

• Beer is a perfect stain remover. Soak a clean dry cloth in beer and dab the wet cloth on the stained area until the spot is soaked with the alcohol. You can also use whiskeys or white wine or vinegar.
• Alternatively, you can just pour the alcohol on the stained area as long as you make sure it does not spread.
• Carefully wipe away the stain. Rinse with water and vacuum dry until the spot is free of moisture
• Repeat the procedure until all the ink stain is removed from your carpet.
• Cornstarch is also a perfect remover of ink stains. Mix 1 tablespoon of corn starch in water and stir it into a thick paste.
• Spread the paste on the stained area and leave it there for a few minutes
• Slowly remove it, rinse, and vacuum dry

Pet urine 
• Apply a good amount of baking soda on the affected area and spray with vinegar
• The baking soda will start fizzing as soon as you add vinegar on it
• Wait for a few seconds until the baking soda and vinegar mixture soaks the stain
• Wipe clean with a dry cloth, rinse and vacuum to dry
• Club soda also works well on pet urine; blot the excess urine with a towel and then spray club soda on the area generously
• Leave to soak for a while and then scrub the area with a detergent
• Rinse and vacuum dry

Grease stains
Grease stains can come from broth spills, margarine, or your child playing around with greasepaint.

• Wipe the grease from the area with a clean dry towel
• Get hold of a dry cleaning liquid and apply on the area
• Gently work on the fluid in the area , making sure the stain doesn’t spread
• Continue applying the liquid and wiping until the stain is completely removed

Any other stain
Sometimes you can rarely recall what caused the stain, or it is a mixture of various stains. Ammonia solution will do the trick for you and rid whatever stain it is.

• Mix a solution of ammonia and hot water
• Pour this solution into a spray bottle and liberally spray the affected area
• Wipe away with a white towel and dry
• Repeat the process until all stain is removed

Saturday, 2 July 2016

How To Clean Your Upholstery This Hari Raya

There is nothing fulfilling like having beautiful and attractive upholstered furniture at your home, especially during holidays like the Hari Raya festivals. Typically the majority of the Singapore population will want to have their home furniture to be sparkling both before, during and after the celebrations. Unfortunately, such conditions are hard to maintain especially during the holidays since the home upholstery will be subjected to spills from the food and drinks that will be consumed and not to forget dust and other sorts of dirt.

Depending on the type of food or drink, different types of stains will develop on your beautiful upholstery. However, this should not worry you at all since I will give you tips on how to clean your upholstery this Hari Raya.

Since these items are also to be used in the future, it’s advisable to put in place a favorable cleaning process that will ensure that they stay looking good.

For starters, the material of the upholstery that you intend to use this Hari Raya should be relatively easy to clean and care for. Starting with the right fabric will make a huge difference.

The easiest way of keeping your upholstery looking good is the implementation of a regular vacuuming routine. This exercise will help you to get rid of any grime and dirt before it is ingrained in the fabric. Dirt and dust accumulate at a very alarming rate and should, therefore, be dealt with swiftly.

For effective vacuuming, you can use the attachment on your soft brush to gently whisk away the dirt from your cushion. The crevice tool, on the other hand, can be used to penetrate all tight corners and spots. When your upholstered furniture develops stains and spots and starts looking dingy, you are supposed to vacuum it before carrying out any other cleaning process.

You are strongly advised to vacuum since in so doing; you will be able to lift up dust and dirt which when wet will further sully your upholstered furniture and contribute to your cleaning woes.

Spot Cleaning
Another important tip on how to clean your upholstery clean during this Hari Raya is- ensuring to clean up stains and spills immediately since this is the perfect way to deal with them before they have an adverse effect on the look of your beautiful furniture.

Spills, especially during festivals, are inevitable no matter how careful you will try to be so as to avoid them. In case they occur, gently blot them and DO NOT scrub or rub the spills. The blotting should be done immediately using a paper towel or white towel. In so doing, you will be able to prevent the stain from sticking into the fabric. If the stain needs more than a subtle dab, Spot clean according to the instructions on the manufacturer’s tag.

Always make a point of testing your cleaning products in an inconspicuous area before you use them on your upholstery. After you test the cleaning products and find them good to go, apply them on the spill with a soft brush in a circular motion. This will ensure that you work into the fibers. After the stain removing the stain, vacuum the upholstered furniture dry.

However, in case the stains are stubborn to remove, do not hesitate to call the experts. Professional cleaning will definitely restore the comfort and beauty of the fabric. Always leave the heavy and stubborn stains to the experts.

Cleaners for different fabrics
One thing that you are supposed to note is that different types of cleaners are meant for different materials.

Synthetic Materials
Well, if your upholstery is made of synthetic material, then count yourself lucky since this is the easiest fabric to clean. However, still, take a look at the tags to identify the type of furniture cleaning agents that should be used since you cannot clean all synthetic fibers in the same manner. Generally, any water based agent will work on these materials.

Combination Materials
When you have a combination of materials i.e. synthetic and natural fabrics, you are recommended to get professional assistance since such materials require special treatment from trained professionals.

Natural Materials
If your upholstered furniture is made up of 100% natural fibers, you can do the cleaning all by yourself unless the label states otherwise. When cleaning these fabrics, you are advised to go for water-based cleaning agents. However, note that the excessive use of water cause shrinking to occur and rings to show. Therefore, you are advised to use very little water when cleaning

Microfiber Furniture
These are relatively easy to clean and maintain since dirt and dust typically remain very loose in the furniture. Vacuuming quickly cleans these types of upholstered furniture.

Leather Furniture
If you were wondering how you can clean and maintain your upholstery during this Hari Raya festival, then you have come to the right place. Cleaning leather materials involves different processes. Typically, you will need to get a leather upholstery cleaning agent and some leather conditioner. These two will give you remarkable results.

Now, I am sure that I have given you enough tips on how you will clean your different upholstery this Hari Raya. Always never forget to check the tags since they give you the general instructions on how you should go about when cleaning your furniture. Stick to this tips and you will have remarkable results. Have a happy and blessed this Hari Raya.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

How To Clean Stained Bathroom Floor Tiles

A bathroom is one of the most used rooms in our homes, therefore, it is bound to get stained up. Everyone wants their bathroom to remain as good as the day it was all new and fresh. It is daunting to maintain a sparkling look on your bathroom floor tiles but this does not mean that your bathroom floor tiles are justified to always look messy. It is good to maintain a high level of hygiene.

With time, your bathroom tiles are bound to have an accumulation of dirt and before you know it you can’t even stand the look of grime covering your bathroom. Without the proper cleaning methodology you will end up breaking your bones scrubbing without much success. It is therefore wise to ensure that you do the needed research and invest in a good cleaning company once in a while to do the cleaning for you. To ensure your bathroom is clean you need to use the appropriate cleaning solutions. With these you will require little effort to scrub and wipe off the stains. You also need to make sure that you don’t entertain dirt build up in your bathroom flooring this can be done by regular cleaning.

It is important to understand what grout is before moving on, it is simply the sand that is used to bind the tiles, sink, bathtub. It is very guilty in accumulating dirt not necessarily the one you can see but even the one your naked eyes does not see. This dirt comes from the soap that we use when showering. If these places are not looked at carefully they then form a dark cover in your bathroom floor tiles and if proper measures are not taken your tiles end up stained up and all messy. There are different colors of grout which are used to bind tiles and the choice is yours. There are different problems ganging up to make your tiles unpleasant. These are soap residue, yellowing, spots, and mold. You should check out these causes and work on them and if you take the required measures you won’t have to struggle much in maintaining cleanliness.

Here are some tips to get your bathroom floor crystal clean;

1. Avoid scrubbing hard- It is advisable to practice cleaning your tiles in a circular motion. This helps to avoid creating damage on the grout and the tiles. By using a hard brush or a wire brush you are only making matters complicated and wasting much energy in the process. You should use a brush that has soft bristles.

2. Be patient- You will be amazed to find out that most of the stains do not require scrubbing or expensive cleaning solutions. They only require wiping off with a clean rag and that’s it.Only use a brush if the stain is stubborn and doesn’t clear even after using the rag.

3. Right products- There are those products that are not safe from your bathroom floor tiles. They only destroy rather than cleaning them up. It is wise to look at the label on your solutions before purchasing. Look whether it is wise to use them bon the grout and the tiles. Remember that whatever you use on your grout directly affects your tiles. This is because they are connected. You should therefore use the right products for the right results.

4. Examine your products- By doing this you will be preventing damage on the tiles and at least you will be sure of what you are putting yourself into. There are some risks in using a product without testing it, these are yellowing or fading. To test your products check for that hidden place and do the test.If you see any change that you wouldn’t want to see on your whole bathroom then discard the solution.

5. Vinegar- You have probably been using this product in your household but you have never really thought of using it as a cleaning product. This is a natural product which works magic on your bathroom floor; it cleans out the stains and leaves it sparkling fresh. All you have to do is make a cleaning solution with it.Mix two cups of warm water with the same amount of vinegar and add a teaspoon full of dish detergent. Put this in a spray bottle. This solution leaves no stains in any part of your bathroom. Identify which parts you want to clean up and loosen up the dirt using a soft brush, after scrubbing softly, rinse with clean water.

Go ahead and use your vinegar mixture to spray the area. After letting the solution to settle in for about half an hour, scrub it off using a soft brush making sure you clean each corner and gap in your bathroom. After this, rinse the bathroom properly with clean water. Note that vinegar shouldn’t be used in natural stones. It is therefore wise to check with your manufacture if you are not sure what your bathroom floor is made of. This is because permanent damage can be caused.

6. Chlorine bleach- If you want your grout and tiles to become white then bleach is your best solution. Before anything else make sure the room is perfectly aired. This is because the vapors produced are dangerous while inhaled. You need to mix three cups of water with one of bleach and one teaspoonful of shampoo. Mix the mixture well and put it into a spray bottle. Spray it evenly on the bathrooms floor and wait for it to settle for about half an hour. Then using a soft brush scrub gently but firmly and ensure that you reach every corner and hidden places. Consider using a toothbrush for places you can’t reach. You could also just use a wet rag to clean up the tiles. Rinse the entire place well with clean water is careful to avoid any remains of chlorine because it is usually very slippery. For better results just mix chlorine bleach with shampoo otherwise some cleaning products will form dangerous gases.

Maintaining cleanliness in your bathroom is the easiest thing if done properly. All you need is the knowhow and you will be ready to go.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Is Your Upholstery Really As Clean As It Look?

Furniture could turn any room into an attractive and comfortable space. Even when you think that your upholstery is clean, it might not be true. While it could seem that they're completely fine by looking at them, there is a high possibility that dust and bacteria have started to accumulate. It's very important to take good care of your furniture. It could certainly affect your health and you'll be able to enjoy staying at your house even more. It is very common for people who have families and pets to encounter problems at home. This is because children love to explore and run around. They don't care much about cleanliness. On the other hand, pets are a great addition to your home. However, there will always be instances where they can commit accidents. This means spilling food, having paw prints all over the couch, or scratches on a chair.

It's important to make sure that your furniture is always clean. It will be for your own benefit. Other people and your pets living with you will also be affected in a positive way when you keep your upholstery clean. It wouldn't take much effort on your part to ensure that your furniture is in good condition. There are simple steps you can make to avoid getting them damaged. One of the most basic ones is reducing fabric trading by avoiding light. All you need to do is to make sure that your textiles are not placed on direct sunlight. You can easily control the amount of light coming in by using draperies, shades and blinds. To avoid having permanent stains from spillage, you can put a few paper towels or a small towel beneath the seat cushion. Let's discuss some helpful tips to ensure that your upholstery is truly clean from the inside out.

• Vacuuming
The best way to maintain and clean upholstery is to use a vacuum frequently. It is very effective in preventing stains, dirt and dust from getting into the fibers of your furniture. By doing this, you'll be assured that they will look good as new. Before vacuuming it's essential to do some checks to ensure that the process will be done smoothly. Always check for weak spots in the fabric. On these areas, you have to go slow and not apply too much heat since it could damage the material. Loose buttons, debris and threads could potentially clog up the vacuum. When you notice that there are loose threads or buttons, you have to cut them out before proceeding. Only use a soft brush which is attached to the vacuum. Keep it as clean as possible to make sure that you're not transferring any debris to your upholstery.

• Turning The Cushions

In order to extend the life of your upholstered furniture, a good practice is to turn over the cushions. This could be done periodically to ensure that they don't lose their shape. It's a very easy and simple step but it greatly affects the quality of your upholstery. Cushions which have been used for years tend to develop indentations. In order to avoid this, you can fluff them out. It's highly recommended to practice doing this since it's been proven to be effective. A lot of people decide to purchase new cushions when they realize that their current ones are looking old. However, you can save time and money when you turn them frequently

• Spot Cleaning 
No matter how much effort you put into keeping your upholstered furniture clean, accidents are inevitable. Even if you do a daily cleanup, there is still a possibility for spillage, dust or debris. You can make sure that everything is well maintained by spot cleaning. The moment an accident happens on your furniture, you have to clean it immediately. For any spillage, use a clean and dry towel and use a light hand in rubbing it off. Use gentle strokes until the spot has been cleaned completely. Most of the time, this method will effectively remove stains. However, there will be instances where using a towel will not work. Depending on your upholstered furniture's material, you may need to use a solvent based or water based cleaning agent. Whichever one you choose, make sure that it has mild ingredients which are not harmful to your furniture. Use a soft brush for your vacuum to work the solution into the fibers.

• Avoiding Sunlight & Pollutants 
Research has proven that direct sunlight or too much UV rays could damage your upholstery. It causes the fabric to fade and sometimes it could even start fraying. To make sure that you'll get the best use out of your furniture, always make sure that it's not placed under direct sunlight. Sometimes, you might not have enough space to keep them out of the sun. However, if they are exposed for an extended period of time they will surely get damaged. Most of the time, this happens in extremely delicate fabrics. One more factor which affects your upholstery is pollutants from the air. This could be in the form of fumes which comes from cooking or any type of smoke. They are also known to be harmful to fabrics in furniture. Many people are not aware on how they could avoid this from happening. The main solution to this problem is proper ventilation. It will be not only be a great help in terms of odor control, it could also absorb the odor so that it doesn't damage your upholstered furniture.

These are only some of the most basic tips which you can incorporate in your household. They are very easy to follow but they have great advantages to your upholstery. It only requires you to spend some of your time to properly vacuum everything. By doing so, it will prolong the lifespan of your furniture. Turning the cushions is a great practice. It has been highly suggested by experts countless times because it's really effective. It has to be done periodically to ensure that your cushions are in its best shape. Spot Cleaning should be done depending on certain circumstances. The faster you can clean it up, there's a higher chance that it wouldn't produce permanent stains and damages. Finally, avoiding direct sunlight and pollutants is very easy. You just have to be aware of the proper placement of your furniture. Ensure that you have the correct ventilation inside your house. Keeping your upholstery clean is not difficult. The only thing needed is the awareness and knowledge about how to maintain them.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Single Best Way To Do Curtain Cleaning

Curtains add elegance to your home and it is vital that you keep them clean and tidy. They many pick up dirt and dust more often. It is therefore important to clean them regularly. However, they are mostly neglected. When they become dirty you can either replace or wash them. Curtain cleaning can be a difficult process if you do not know how to go about it. It is vital to clean your curtains on a regular basis. There are several ways in which you can clean your curtains. Curtains can be steamed, machine washed or hand washed depending on what works best for you. This article will look at these common methods in detail and you can choose the most suitable for your curtains.

Machine wash
In case you have curtains that can be machine washed, you will not have a difficult time when doing your cleaning. However, there are a few tricks that you have to keep at the back of your mind in order to get the desired results. You should take caution when hanging your curtains under the sun. This is because they may become weak. You should always make sure that you wash your curtains on a delicate cycle. It will be a good idea to wash your drapes in warm water in case they are heavily soiled. If they are not soiled, then you should just wash them in cold water as it will limit fading. If your curtains are dark in color, then you should make sure that you use a detergent that will not make them to fade. You can machine wash your curtains when they are lightweight. This is because heavy curtains will retain a lot of water. There are also materials that require special attention when you are machine washing them. In case your curtains are made of cotton you should not machine wash them because they will shrink.

Steam cleaning method
If you do not feel like machine washing your curtains or they cannot be put in the machine, then you can use this option. Nowadays, you can easily buy steam cleaners to use at home. There are several to choose from and you will be able to get one that is not costly. It is recommended that you check the label before you start using it. If you are going to do the steam cleaning at home, then it is advisable that you follow the directions that have been given. You should always start from the top of the curtain and make your way down to the bottom. In case you are doing steam cleaning, you should make sure that the windows are closed when the curtains are drying. It is important to close the windows because it will prevent dust from entering the house and making the curtains dirty again after you are done cleaning. You should also make sure that you do not clean your house once you are done with steam cleaning the curtains. Steam cleaning is appropriate for curtains that are heavy or ones that you cannot easily remove from the rails. All you have to do is just use the steam cleaner when the curtains are hanging.

Drying cleaning
You can also dry clean your curtains if there is a label that says you can do so. When dry cleaning, you should make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. In doing this, you will be able to get curtains that last for a long time. You should not dry the curtains using a hot cycle because it will cause the curtains to get wrinkled. In case you want to dry your curtains under the sun, you should make sure that you put them in the dryer for about 20 minutes. This will reduce your work load because you will not have to iron them. You should make sure that you do a thorough research before you decide to take your curtains to the dry cleaners. You can get reference from friends and family on the best dry cleaners. This is vital if you value your curtains. Otherwise, if your curtains are not that costly, then you can take them to any dry cleaner.

Hand washing
This is the other option that you can use to keep your curtains clean. When washing, you can make use of soap or detergent. You should make sure that you follow the instructions on the detergent or the soap that you have chosen to use. Hand washing your curtains will reduce shrinking. It is also suitable for materials that are delicate in nature. If you have cotton curtains, then this is the best method that you can use to clean them. However, you should not hand wash heavy materials because it will be stressful to drain all the water out and they will also take a long time to dry.

The above are some of the common ways of curtain cleaning. You can choose any that is suitable for you. All you have to do is follow the instructions that have been given and you will have clean curtains in no time. In case you would like to minimize the number of times that you clean your curtains, you should make sure that you reduce the absorption smell by closing the kitchen doors and smoking outdoors. The other way is by vacuuming the curtains on a regular basis. This will ensure that it does not become too dirty. Good airing is another way that you can use to prevent cleaning your curtains on a regular basis. You can remove them and air them out for an hour. Cleaning your curtains will give your home a fresher and brighter look. In case you do not have time to clean, you can hire the services of professionals to do it for you. There is no doubt that you will greatly improve the look of your house by keeping your curtains clean. You will be amazed at the difference it will make to your home.