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Sunday, 13 December 2015

How To Choose The Right Cleaning Contractor

The cleaning industry in Singapore has grown and become very lucrative owing to the increased demand for cleaning services. This makes choosing the right contractor an uphill task. A cleaning contractor has to be reliable, flexible and most of all genuine. It is therefore important to understand all that pertains to choosing a cleaning contractor in Singapore.

How to choose the right cleaning contractor in Singapore

· Research 
Do not just settle for a contractor without doing some background check. Research, go to the internet and get all the information you need. Most credible contractors do have websites of their own where you can find out all important details concerning them. You will also be able to know the scope of the services they offer.

While researching online also focus on the customer reviews. Customer reviews offer an insight to what experience clients have with a particular contractor in the past. A good contractor will have tons of positive reviews while a bad one mostly has negative ones.

· Get recommendation from people you know
Once you have done your research and have a number of companies in mind, talk to friends, colleagues or relatives. Ask them if they have ever heard of these contractors, if not then let them recommend to you the ones they know. Getting a contractor that has worked for someone you know is better because it will actually feel like you know the company yourself. Besides you will find out if they really do provide the services they mention and even how they handle your property while cleaning.

· Review the cleaning needs of your company
It is important that you match the needs of your company to what is offered by the cleaning contractors recommended to you. For example the level and type of cleaning required in a home totally differs from that needed by a huge multinational company. Even if the contractor simply deals with businesses, office cleaning needs may vary from one business to another depending on the facilities and equipment available.

Singapore has small, medium and large sized cleaning companies offering janitorial services at different levels. As such work that can be handled by a large company will not be suitable for a small company and vice versa. There will be disparity in terms of the number of staff, equipment used and even cost.

· Get quotations from many contractors
Having matched the needs of your company to various cleaning contractors in Singapore, it is now time to choose one. When doing your selection, pricing is very important since you can be over charged. Some contractors rip-off their clients knowing too well they are ignorant of the prevailing rates.

The only way to be informed of the prevailing rates is to get quotations from different suppliers. Obtain at least three quotations and compare the rates offered by each. You should not necessarily go for the lowest bidder but ideally the cost should match the services offered and should be in line with what others are charging. If there is a little disparity then the contractor should explain why.

Also know if they will charge you for extra hours, if the staff do not finish the work within the agreed time. In Singapore most cleaning companies do this, so it is important that you get to know that in advance. From the quotation you will also get to know the different packages offered by various companies. You can therefore choose a package that conveniently works with your preference and budget.

· Look at the level of experience 
Singapore is a country with vast industries. As such no one cleaning contractor can meet the needs of all these industries. There are companies that have experience in cleaning residential, dealing with medical wastes and chemicals, washing equipment used by manufacturing industries and others normal business premises. It is important to know what sector that contractor is experienced in. also check the number of years they have worked in that industry and their performance track record.

· Check the cleaning techniques and substances used
Do not shy away from asking these, after all it is your money. You may not understand the methods used but ask, because they may not be suitable for your household or office equipment. Also confirm that the contractor does not use chemicals that may be harmful to the building occupants.

· Check for other necessities of a cleaning contractor
There are things that are mandatory that a contractor puts in place before signing any contract. Below are those must have things

Operation license and other credentials

The business must be operating legally. It has to be registered with the authorities. A cleaning contractor who is registered has definitely complied with all the rules and regulations governing that industry. Also the owner and employees must have the required credentials that qualify them to do such tasks.


Insurance is very crucial for any contractor. Accidents may occur at workplace and a staff may get injured or die. It is therefore necessary you confirm that the contractor has insured the staff. This will exempt you from shouldering any liabilities.

Health and safety policies

Ensure that the staff from your preferred cleaning company understand all health and safety policies in Singapore. These policies change from time to time so they should be trained regularly. If a contractor has solid health and safety policies in place the better for your premise and its occupants.

· Read the contract carefully before signing
Some contractors will ignore the need for a contract. However insist on one because it is the only document that governs your relationship with the contractor. It is the only way to ensure both parties stick to their obligations. When you finally sign the contract the deal is sealed. Ensure that the contractor has included all the issues you agreed on in that contract. All the terms and conditions have to be very clear.


A clean environment is what everyone desires for, whether at home or work. However cleanliness that is guaranteed and offers reliability is only offered by a professional cleaning contractor. Remember that both level of services provided and compliance with legal regulations should be considered when choosing a cleaning contractor.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Keep Your Home Clean With These 11 Useful Cleaning Tips

Home cleaning remain to be a tedious set of chores that everyone wants to avoid. The thought of tidying up your kitchen after cooking dinner, or making sure the living room always looks visitor-ready, seems impossible to accomplish on a daily basis. The worries are all in the head. Keeping your home clean and tidy is possible as long as you're consistent with your cleaning habits. You just have to take it one step at a time, and encourage everyone living in your house to clean as they go.

Here are 11 useful cleaning tips that will make home cleaning a breeze for your Singapore home. What will be featured below, are specific tips on how to clean specific areas of your home that usually accumulate all the dirt, dust, mold and grime when left uncleaned for several days.

1. Do not leave used plates, utensils, cups and other kitchenware on top of counters and in the sink.
It seems like an impossible task, but it's more of a will issue than the mere difficulty of doing it. After drinking a glass of water, what do you normally do? If you leave the empty glass until it's time to do the dishes, then that has got to change. It may be a bit easier to manage if you're living alone, but if you're a family of 5, then that can be a bit overwhelming to go home to. So it is as simple as letting everyone in the house stick to the rule of immediately washing the cup, glass, or plate after using it. With this, you never have to worry about accumulated dishes from the morning up until dinner time. Do the same when you're cooking, and ensure that you gradually clean up after yourself in the kitchen. 

2. Sanitize and clean your kitchen sink.
Now that you've established the house rule of keeping your sinks and counters dishes-free all the time, then the only thing that you have to worry about is how to keep your kitchen sink clean and germ-free. For stainless steel sinks, maintain it by using baking soda, vinegar and match it with a really good scrub. Avoid steel wool as it will scratch the surface. You can also keep a paper towel dispenser near it to make everyone wipe off whatever residue or liquid is in there.

3. Do not let the garbage disposal overflow.
Always take the trash out at a specific time in the day. Whether it's full or not, you need to take it out to avoid rats, and other insects to devour what's in it. To avoid the nasty smell, you can also place lemon or orange peels inside the bin or near the area.

4. Make the bed immediately after waking up.
Your bed is the main attraction of your bedroom. An unmade bed somehow makes everything in the room looks messy. Making your bed in the morning also gives you a sense of accomplishment. If you have kids in the house, make this a must-do for them as well. It also gives you a great jump start to keep everything in the bedroom neat and in order.

5. Do not tolerate clutter in the living room.
Clutter is what makes a home disorganized. It's normally the little things that make your head ache when you get home. You see a magazine, some sheets of paper, an empty coffee cup, a toy, or a pair of shoe by the front door. There are those who like their homes to look more lived-in rather than being outrageously neat. But you don't have to compromise your couch as a storage area for toys that will hurt your butt, when you accidentally sit on it. There's the difference. A couch is for sitting, and there should be nothing on there but throw pillows for your comfort.

6. A vacuum cleaner is a must-have.
Dust is an allergen. Investing in a good vacuum cleaner allows you to take care of the majority of the cleaning tasks needed for your entire home. Remember that sweeping the floor is not enough. Dust does not thrive on the floors alone. It will stay on your curtains, shelves, your couch, your pillows, and everywhere else. With a good vacuum cleaner, you don't have to clean the house everyday.

7. Clean the fridge at least once a week.
Take all the expired products and spoiled food out of there. If there are any spills, ensure that you wipe them off as soon as it happens. After cleaning, it would also be best to line the crispers and the shelves with a thin rubber or plastic mat for easy cleaning.

8. Wipe the windows at least once in every 2 weeks.
Dust settles in the corners of the sills and the window ledge. Wiping that off with a damp cloth will really save you the trouble of dealing with disgusting black mud-like dust that sticks on them when left uncleaned for a long time.

9. Before going to bed, ensure that everyone in the house does their part in picking up items in the rooms that don't belong there.
If you're living alone, maintaining a home, especially in Singapore should be quick and easy. With 3-5 people living in one space, this can be very challenging. You can then have everyone sweep up all of the items in the rooms of the house, and place them back where they should be. Waking up the next day should be a bit easier, knowing that you don't have to clean up yesterday's mess.

10. After every shower, clean the drain.
It can be very annoying to find stray hair on the bathroom floor or on the drain. It can be as simple as taking out whatever is in the drain or bathroom floor with a toilet paper. If everyone else in the house does this, you don't ever have to worry about this annoying cleaning problem.

11. Clean the bathroom everyday.
We're not talking about rigorous cleaning. One of the main reasons why extensive cleaning is needed in bathrooms is because they don't get cleaned regularly Wiping off the bathroom sink after use, flushing the toilet and making sure clutter is not tolerated in the bathroom as well will make your life easier.

It is not about how large your space is or how many people live in your home. It's about consistency, and making sure everyone takes responsibility in cleaning up after their own selves. If you follow these 11 tips, you can say goodbye to extensive cleaning after every week ends.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Where Can I Find Local Office Cleaner?

Office is an important place for most people today. You may spend a lot of time in your office regularly. If you want to feel comfortable in your office, you should clean your space regularly. There are some office cleaning services that are available in Singapore today. You can compare some available services, so you can select the best company for yourself. Make sure that you compare some available companies before selecting the best one for yourself. This article can help you find the best local office cleaner easily. There are some useful resources that you can use easily.

1. Use search engine

This is the easiest way that you can do, so you can find the best local office cleaner easily. Many cleaning service companies promote their services on the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and many other search engines. You can search many great services in this country easily. When you are using this tool, you need to compare some available websites that are available today. You can check out their services, prices, reputation, reviews, and many other important things. It is very easy to use this search engine for finding the best local office cleaning service.

2. Ask for referrals

You can also ask for referrals when you want to choose the best cleaning service company. You can ask your friends or relatives when you want to choose the best cleaning service in Singapore. They should be able to give some recommended services based on their experience. If your friends or relatives don't have any recommendations, you can also read some reviews or testimonials from other customers. You can read these reviews from many resources easily. When you are reading some of these reviews, you should be able to select the best office cleaning service easily.

3. Read newspapers

If you want to select the best local office cleaner, you can read the local newspaper. Many companies promote their products or services on some local newspapers or magazines. You should be able to find out some of those companies easily. There are many types of newspapers that are available in Singapore today. When you are planning to select the best cleaning service, you should read several newspapers today. This tip is very easy and simple to do. You don't have to spend a lot of time for finding the best cleaning service for your office space or other rooms inside your office.

4. Use local directories

This is another easy way that you can follow easily. You can find a lot of local directories in Singapore today. You can read some local directories for finding your favorite cleaning service. Some companies may advertise their services on some directories. Yellow Pages can be one of the most popular directories in this country. You can read this resource to look at some available cleaning service companies. You can also read some important details about certain companies, including phone number, available services, office hours, and many other important things without having any problems.

5. Visit to the office cleaning companies

When you are planing to choose the best local office cleaning service company, you can visit some available office cleaning services. Some companies are welcoming all customers to visit their offices. You can come to these companies, so you can take a look at their available services. Different companies may offer their own services and products for all customers. When you visit those companies, you can also compare their services, rates, and many other important details. This tip is recommended for all people who want to select the best local cleaning service company easily.

They are some great options for you who want to clean your office easily. It is a good idea that you select the best office cleaning service company today. You can visit Cleaning Services company for cleaning your office completely. This company is ready to help all customers clean their properties easily. You don't have to spend a lot of money when you hire this service. This company has a lot of happy customers today. Many people claim that they are able to clean their office spaces quickly. Contact this company today to ask anything related with its cleaning services and rates. This company is ready to provide the best products or services for all customers.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Why Hire Absolute As Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company?

Absolute carpet cleaning company; offering quality in Singapore

Most homes in Singapore are carpeted. There are many carpet cleaners in the country. Which company should you choose as your carpet cleaner? The choice is simple. Absolute carpet cleaning company is there to help you improve your home by ensuring tidiness. The cleaning industry in Singapore is the fourth in terms of competence because it has many cleaning companies and it is improving each and every day. For years now Absolute Company has been offering quality cleaning services. You may realize that your rooms are not as clean as they were in some few weeks ago. Leaving this problem unsolved may make the condition to be worse. Therefore you should look for the right company to help you in the cleaning services. The company is open from nine in the morning to five in the evening. The cleaning cost for carpets depends on the size of your carpet. Personally you may not know how to clean certain dirty areas in your carpet to make your home look colorful. This calls for a professional carpet cleaning provider to assist you.


Services by our company are offered throughout the regions; Everett, Lynnwood, Snohomish, Edmonds, Kirkland and beyond.

Our methods of cleaning carpets include:

We use rotary extraction method. This method involves deep head cleaning that is not only in two directions. The rotary power heads remove stains from carpets and all the soil particles that have accumulated on it. This method is advantageous to us and the clients since it saves manual labor that could have been used if other methods like old manual scrub wand were used. The result of this method is restoration of the carpet to its original state-as good as new not a drab! The air condition of the room is also improved whenever this method is employed.

Rug cleaning- this method involves using sizeable fiber pieces that are handmade. Absolute carpet cleaning company treats the rugs with detergents/cleaning agents whose pH is reasonable. This kind of regulation is coupled with temperature and pressure regulation that ensures that the rags don’t brown, fade or get discolored. Used together with cleaning agents, rugs remove stains soil particles and grease from delicate fibers on the carpets. It ensures that your carpet is safe from damage in the process of cleaning.

Advantages of choosing Absolute Cleaning Company

In Singapore, there are many service providers who clean carpets. Why should you choose absolute company as your trusted company?

We have a good reputation-
the company is known to have experts who have a long experience in carpet in carpet cleaning. The experts are specialized in offering several duties either on part time or full time basis. Our staffs are given adequate training and therefore quality delivery is guaranteed. We offer services that can give our customers full satisfaction because we are open and well spoken for service delivery.

We are time conscious, cautious and respects the privacy of our customers. Our services are timely because we arrive in time when needed. This gives you a big reason to choose this reliable company to deliver for you. We are always available within the time limits of our schedule.

We offer adequate services-
we always aim that our clients get full satisfaction as far as service delivery is concerned. The services are now rated to be the best for years and you should therefore choose this company because the records are outstanding in the market.

Inexhaustible services-
we offer services tirelessly. The services are offered at reasonable prices. We look at the financial position of our customers and we do not discriminate them regardless of the region which they come from and the extent to which they can pay for these services. Our staff is reasonable enough and they listens carefully to customers specifications before they start delivering the services.

We offer services at relatively cheaper prices-
when you compare the quality of services and the cost which we charge, you will find it to be more reasonable. Our customers can rate our services after we finish helping them. According to the past experience, many customers have rated our services to be cost effective and affordable for them. We apply a lot of labor but charge less. To prove this, you should compare the time you use doing the cleaning of your carpets and the time our company uses. You will realize that our company will save you a lot of time which will help you save time over other house chores.

We also offer part time carpet cleaning services-
we provide experts who offer services on part time basis. This is because many homes in Singapore are carpeted which necessitates us to offer part time service because we may not clean all the houses on the normal working houses. The part time services are less cheap and more quality. This is because we provide the required equipment and qualified experts.

Rates that we charge

Cleaning services offered for four hours weekly-
these services are offered four times in one month. The average cost is $388 weakly and $768 each month.

Services offered twice every weak and a total of eight cleaning sessions each month. This package is done at an average cost of $768 each weak and $1080 each month.

Cleaning services provided three times in each month and it has twelve cleaning sessions in each month-the cost is averaged to be $1080.

Cleaning services offered on Sundays and Saturdays-
the services are offered at a cost of $20 for each session. Services offered on additional hours-these services are offered at a rate of $30 per hour.

Worried about your carpet being dirty? Is it full of stains? Spills from juices? Spoiling due to waste from pets? Absolute Carpet Cleaning Company is here for you don’t waste your time looking for solutions all over the country. Our services are quality, timely - Serving the whole of Singapore. We are here to protect your investment from loss resulting from dirt and stain. There are many other elements to talk about when it comes to the services provided by this company; but the above is an insight with this regard.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

7 Health Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Office Chairs Regularly

Every office has lot of furniture and several other items. There are desks, there are chairs, there are conference tables, there are glass doors, there are cabinets, there are cupboards, there are desktops and a lot of other things. It is only seen that employees pay lot of attention to cleaning of desktops, their desks and all the other items in front of them.


Also, usually the cleaning service hired by the office cleans the desks, doors and several other things. However, it has been seen that most of the people do not care much about cleaning the office chair. It is important to keep in mind that chairs are one of the most important furniture items in an office and therefore, these need as much attention as any other office furniture. It is not only hygienic but one is also comfortable sitting on a chair knowing that it does not have any dust or stains or any other thing that makes it not clean. Similar to other office items, cleaning office chair on a regular basis has its own benefits. Cleaning chair is not a difficult job and any professional cleaning service can clean the chairs in almost no time. If you still have doubts, here are seven health reasons to clean your office chairs on a regular basis.

Keep Away from Allergies
It is an established fact that allergens are everywhere. However, your desk and your chairs are more prone to these allergens as their fabric is more suited to keep these allergens inside them. As mentioned in the beginning, most of the people take care to clean their desks, their computers and all the other furniture items but ignore their chairs. It means that most of the allergens sitting in the chair are not cleaned away or vacuumed away. In other words, if a chair is not cleaned on a regular basis, there is a high chance of these allergens and dust particles being there on the chair and these may lead to development of some avoidable illness.

Avoid Other Health Problems
Chairs and other such furniture items in the office attract a lot of dust, mites and other harmful microorganisms among other things. If chairs are not cleaned on a regular basis the chances of developing an illness due to presence of these mites and dust is highly probable. In other words, regular cleaning of chairs means that employees sitting on those chairs are going to remain healthy and productive, which is better for the employees and the business.

Higher Comfort
It is true that no scientific studies have been conducted to study the cleanliness of the chairs on the comfort level of people sitting on those chairs but the truth is that everybody feels more relaxed and more comfortable when sitting on a clean chair. Imagine sitting on a chair full of dust, stains, mites and various other things that not only look bad but may also smell bad. It is a well known fact that if people are not comfortable sitting on a chair they are not going to be productive. In other words, chairs that are not cleaned on a regular basis affect productivity of employees. Everyone in the office should feel comfortable and happy while sitting on their chairs.

Improvement in Looks

Another benefit of cleaning chairs on a regular basis is that it improves the overall looks of the office. Cleaning of chairs is not a big task and can be done in a short period of time and there is no special equipment needed to clean the chairs thoroughly. A clean chair adds to the overall appearance of the office. Imagine all of the other spaces in the office being well decorated but chairs full of stain and dust. They just don't look good and do not feel good. It not only affects the mood of the person who has to use that chair but if the person has a customer facing role, it may also affect the attitude of customers towards the business.

Keeps Your Chair Durable
A variety of office chairs is available in the market these days. However, one thing that is common to all the brands of the chairs is that office chairs cost a lot of money. It means that these chairs also need regular maintenance to ensure that their quality remains consistent over the years. In other words, if these chairs are not maintained on a regular basis, it may shorten their lives. Regular cleaning also ensures that proper maintenance is done on the chairs as and when needed. Maintenance can be part of the cleaning process. It not only saves the business money but it also ensures that employees feel no discomfort when they are sitting on their chairs.

Enhance the Image
By ensuring that all the chairs are cleaned on a regular basis, businesses can also improve the image of their company. It is a given that potential clients judge the company on the basis of cleanliness, customer service, office furniture and other similar things. If the business invests in good business office chairs and keep them clean, it will only serve them well as it will enhance their image in the eyes of the potential customers and lead to more business which will also keep the employees happy.

Get Rid Of Irritable Desk Syndrome
Irritable desk syndrome is a real thing. Researchers have conducted many studies where they have concluded that people who are working for long hours on a cluttered desk that also includes an unclean chair are often associated with bad posture. This not only leads to physical problems but also mental problems including productivity loss and chronic pain. These are some of the health benefits of getting the chairs cleaned on a regular basis. There are many decently priced chair cleaning services available that do not take too much time and charge a decent amount of money. The professionals in these companies clean chairs on a regular basis and they know what they are doing.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

How To Choose The Right Curtain & Carpet Cleaning Company?

It would be no exaggeration to say that spotlessly clean carpets and curtains go a long way in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any house. While you can take care of everyday dust with regular vacuuming, it is clearly not enough if you want to preserve the unblemished look of your expensive carpets and curtains. Ideally, you should have them thoroughly cleaned by a professional every 18 to 24 months in order to maintain their unsullied appearance.

But should you blindly choose the first cleaning service you find on your yellow pages, or internet search? That would be patently unwise, and you may end up regretting later if you chose an unscrupulous cleaning service provider. Instead, be thorough and carry out your own due diligence check before you hire a cleaning service provider. Here is the checklist you should use for reference when selecting a carpet and curtain cleaning service provider.

1) Credentials and experience:
One of the best and most reliable way to ensure that you are not hiring a bunch of amateurs is through asking for their qualifications and experience. You would not want to trust your expensive carpets with someone who has not undergone any formal training or apprenticeship. While anyone can buy cleaning machines and start a business, a thorough job can be guaranteed only by people who have done the hard yards under expert supervision. You should not hesitate in asking them about where and when they received professional training, and if they have necessary documents to testify their claims. Additionally, you should ask if they keep up with the latest trends in cleaning industry by attending workshops and training courses. 

2) Technology and accreditation:
The next thing you want to make sure is that the cleaning company uses the latest equipment and follows the right protocols in its cleaning job. A lot of underhand cleaning companies do not bother with using right cleaning materials which may result in a less than acceptable cleaning job, or, worse, cause irremediable damage to your carpet. One of the best ways to make sure the cleaning company uses the right materials and equipment is through looking at its endorsements from carpet manufacturers. Ask the company if they have such accreditation(s). Further, you should also ask the cleaning companies if their cleaning materials are compliant with statutory environmental standards. You would not want the cleaning company to return a carpet soaked in harmful chemicals. 

3) Individualized service:
Every carpet has its own distinctive cleaning requirement. You may have a carpet that hasn't been professionally cleaned for a long while, or has sustained unusual soiling requiring a bespoke service. However, many cleaning service companies simply follow their standard cleaning regimen without any individual care and attention. Ask the cleaning company if they have different cleaning systems like dry fusion, hot water extraction etcetera, and whether they will assess your carpets' needs and requirements individually instead of dumping it with the rest. 

4) References:
In this day and age of internet, it is very easy to check user review sites to know about a company's quality of service. However, we would recommend that you do rely on internet reviews alone but also check with your friends and families who have used this service before. Check user testimonial on the company website, and contact them individually. Be wary of fake reviews and testimonials, and, as a rule of thumb, you should avoid companies that engage in such malpractices. 

5) Warranty:
It may happen that a cleaning job leaves your expensive carpet shrunk, or otherwise seriously and irreparably damaged. How does the cleaning company deal with such eventualities? Do they offer a re-clean service for minor lapses, or refund you your money in full? Would they recompense you in case of serious or irremediable damage? One of the hall marks of a reliable and professional cleaning service is that they provide a cover for such eventualities with an insurance in place. Ask your cleaning companies if they have an insurance covering for accidental damages. 

6) Pricing:
As a rule of thumb, a cleaning service company that offers its services at a ridiculously cheap price has some unpleasant surprise up its sleeve. It indicates either a serious lack of quality in terms of personnel and materials used, or simply does not not include all the prices in an honest and upfront fashion. While you can determine about the quality of personnel and service by asking the company questions listed above, you will have to probe the company further on their prices. Ask about the break up of cost, and whether there are other services that are not included in the mentioned price. You should be on guard against companies that use a low price as a bait to lure customers, and charge exorbitantly for other bundled services. 

7) Bundled services: Carpet and curtain cleaning services involves a host of separate tasks that are often charged differently by different companies, causing much confusion among the customers. You should as the companies to explicitly list the services they would provide in the quoted price. Would they move the furniture for you? If yes, would they charge extra for it? 

8) Background check:
When you hire a carpet cleaning service, you are letting strangers inside your home. This means you should be extra careful about their criminal background, and make sure the company satisfies you on this score. Apart from making sure that background check requirement is complied with, you should ask whether the company takes responsibility for any damage its employees may cause during the cleaning process. A responsible and professional company would have insurance coverage for such cases. 

9) Other services:
One of the distinguishing features of an experienced cleaning company is that they offer a host of allied services besides cleaning. It is also convenient for you as a customer if you can call upon the same company for related services such as deodorizing, stain resistant layering, carpet refurbishing etcetera. You should ask the company if they offer these allied services, and, whether they offer discounts if you engage them for a package deal.