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Sunday, 5 April 2015

How To Choose The Right Curtain & Carpet Cleaning Company?

It would be no exaggeration to say that spotlessly clean carpets and curtains go a long way in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any house. While you can take care of everyday dust with regular vacuuming, it is clearly not enough if you want to preserve the unblemished look of your expensive carpets and curtains. Ideally, you should have them thoroughly cleaned by a professional every 18 to 24 months in order to maintain their unsullied appearance.

But should you blindly choose the first cleaning service you find on your yellow pages, or internet search? That would be patently unwise, and you may end up regretting later if you chose an unscrupulous cleaning service provider. Instead, be thorough and carry out your own due diligence check before you hire a cleaning service provider. Here is the checklist you should use for reference when selecting a carpet and curtain cleaning service provider.

1) Credentials and experience:
One of the best and most reliable way to ensure that you are not hiring a bunch of amateurs is through asking for their qualifications and experience. You would not want to trust your expensive carpets with someone who has not undergone any formal training or apprenticeship. While anyone can buy cleaning machines and start a business, a thorough job can be guaranteed only by people who have done the hard yards under expert supervision. You should not hesitate in asking them about where and when they received professional training, and if they have necessary documents to testify their claims. Additionally, you should ask if they keep up with the latest trends in cleaning industry by attending workshops and training courses. 

2) Technology and accreditation:
The next thing you want to make sure is that the cleaning company uses the latest equipment and follows the right protocols in its cleaning job. A lot of underhand cleaning companies do not bother with using right cleaning materials which may result in a less than acceptable cleaning job, or, worse, cause irremediable damage to your carpet. One of the best ways to make sure the cleaning company uses the right materials and equipment is through looking at its endorsements from carpet manufacturers. Ask the company if they have such accreditation(s). Further, you should also ask the cleaning companies if their cleaning materials are compliant with statutory environmental standards. You would not want the cleaning company to return a carpet soaked in harmful chemicals. 

3) Individualized service:
Every carpet has its own distinctive cleaning requirement. You may have a carpet that hasn't been professionally cleaned for a long while, or has sustained unusual soiling requiring a bespoke service. However, many cleaning service companies simply follow their standard cleaning regimen without any individual care and attention. Ask the cleaning company if they have different cleaning systems like dry fusion, hot water extraction etcetera, and whether they will assess your carpets' needs and requirements individually instead of dumping it with the rest. 

4) References:
In this day and age of internet, it is very easy to check user review sites to know about a company's quality of service. However, we would recommend that you do rely on internet reviews alone but also check with your friends and families who have used this service before. Check user testimonial on the company website, and contact them individually. Be wary of fake reviews and testimonials, and, as a rule of thumb, you should avoid companies that engage in such malpractices. 

5) Warranty:
It may happen that a cleaning job leaves your expensive carpet shrunk, or otherwise seriously and irreparably damaged. How does the cleaning company deal with such eventualities? Do they offer a re-clean service for minor lapses, or refund you your money in full? Would they recompense you in case of serious or irremediable damage? One of the hall marks of a reliable and professional cleaning service is that they provide a cover for such eventualities with an insurance in place. Ask your cleaning companies if they have an insurance covering for accidental damages. 

6) Pricing:
As a rule of thumb, a cleaning service company that offers its services at a ridiculously cheap price has some unpleasant surprise up its sleeve. It indicates either a serious lack of quality in terms of personnel and materials used, or simply does not not include all the prices in an honest and upfront fashion. While you can determine about the quality of personnel and service by asking the company questions listed above, you will have to probe the company further on their prices. Ask about the break up of cost, and whether there are other services that are not included in the mentioned price. You should be on guard against companies that use a low price as a bait to lure customers, and charge exorbitantly for other bundled services. 

7) Bundled services: Carpet and curtain cleaning services involves a host of separate tasks that are often charged differently by different companies, causing much confusion among the customers. You should as the companies to explicitly list the services they would provide in the quoted price. Would they move the furniture for you? If yes, would they charge extra for it? 

8) Background check:
When you hire a carpet cleaning service, you are letting strangers inside your home. This means you should be extra careful about their criminal background, and make sure the company satisfies you on this score. Apart from making sure that background check requirement is complied with, you should ask whether the company takes responsibility for any damage its employees may cause during the cleaning process. A responsible and professional company would have insurance coverage for such cases. 

9) Other services:
One of the distinguishing features of an experienced cleaning company is that they offer a host of allied services besides cleaning. It is also convenient for you as a customer if you can call upon the same company for related services such as deodorizing, stain resistant layering, carpet refurbishing etcetera. You should ask the company if they offer these allied services, and, whether they offer discounts if you engage them for a package deal.