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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

7 Health Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Office Chairs Regularly

Every office has lot of furniture and several other items. There are desks, there are chairs, there are conference tables, there are glass doors, there are cabinets, there are cupboards, there are desktops and a lot of other things. It is only seen that employees pay lot of attention to cleaning of desktops, their desks and all the other items in front of them.


Also, usually the cleaning service hired by the office cleans the desks, doors and several other things. However, it has been seen that most of the people do not care much about cleaning the office chair. It is important to keep in mind that chairs are one of the most important furniture items in an office and therefore, these need as much attention as any other office furniture. It is not only hygienic but one is also comfortable sitting on a chair knowing that it does not have any dust or stains or any other thing that makes it not clean. Similar to other office items, cleaning office chair on a regular basis has its own benefits. Cleaning chair is not a difficult job and any professional cleaning service can clean the chairs in almost no time. If you still have doubts, here are seven health reasons to clean your office chairs on a regular basis.

Keep Away from Allergies
It is an established fact that allergens are everywhere. However, your desk and your chairs are more prone to these allergens as their fabric is more suited to keep these allergens inside them. As mentioned in the beginning, most of the people take care to clean their desks, their computers and all the other furniture items but ignore their chairs. It means that most of the allergens sitting in the chair are not cleaned away or vacuumed away. In other words, if a chair is not cleaned on a regular basis, there is a high chance of these allergens and dust particles being there on the chair and these may lead to development of some avoidable illness.

Avoid Other Health Problems
Chairs and other such furniture items in the office attract a lot of dust, mites and other harmful microorganisms among other things. If chairs are not cleaned on a regular basis the chances of developing an illness due to presence of these mites and dust is highly probable. In other words, regular cleaning of chairs means that employees sitting on those chairs are going to remain healthy and productive, which is better for the employees and the business.

Higher Comfort
It is true that no scientific studies have been conducted to study the cleanliness of the chairs on the comfort level of people sitting on those chairs but the truth is that everybody feels more relaxed and more comfortable when sitting on a clean chair. Imagine sitting on a chair full of dust, stains, mites and various other things that not only look bad but may also smell bad. It is a well known fact that if people are not comfortable sitting on a chair they are not going to be productive. In other words, chairs that are not cleaned on a regular basis affect productivity of employees. Everyone in the office should feel comfortable and happy while sitting on their chairs.

Improvement in Looks

Another benefit of cleaning chairs on a regular basis is that it improves the overall looks of the office. Cleaning of chairs is not a big task and can be done in a short period of time and there is no special equipment needed to clean the chairs thoroughly. A clean chair adds to the overall appearance of the office. Imagine all of the other spaces in the office being well decorated but chairs full of stain and dust. They just don't look good and do not feel good. It not only affects the mood of the person who has to use that chair but if the person has a customer facing role, it may also affect the attitude of customers towards the business.

Keeps Your Chair Durable
A variety of office chairs is available in the market these days. However, one thing that is common to all the brands of the chairs is that office chairs cost a lot of money. It means that these chairs also need regular maintenance to ensure that their quality remains consistent over the years. In other words, if these chairs are not maintained on a regular basis, it may shorten their lives. Regular cleaning also ensures that proper maintenance is done on the chairs as and when needed. Maintenance can be part of the cleaning process. It not only saves the business money but it also ensures that employees feel no discomfort when they are sitting on their chairs.

Enhance the Image
By ensuring that all the chairs are cleaned on a regular basis, businesses can also improve the image of their company. It is a given that potential clients judge the company on the basis of cleanliness, customer service, office furniture and other similar things. If the business invests in good business office chairs and keep them clean, it will only serve them well as it will enhance their image in the eyes of the potential customers and lead to more business which will also keep the employees happy.

Get Rid Of Irritable Desk Syndrome
Irritable desk syndrome is a real thing. Researchers have conducted many studies where they have concluded that people who are working for long hours on a cluttered desk that also includes an unclean chair are often associated with bad posture. This not only leads to physical problems but also mental problems including productivity loss and chronic pain. These are some of the health benefits of getting the chairs cleaned on a regular basis. There are many decently priced chair cleaning services available that do not take too much time and charge a decent amount of money. The professionals in these companies clean chairs on a regular basis and they know what they are doing.