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Thursday, 14 January 2016

@bsolute Spring Cleaning Tips on《生活小学堂》新年大扫除

@bsolute Cleaning on《生活小学堂》新年大扫除
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How to Make Homemade Cleaning Solution?
Cleaning is one of the most important primary tasks that one has to ensure is done using the right cleaning solution. Homemade cleaning solutions in Singapore are used for cleaning carpets, windows, doors, bathrooms and floors. Some companies also use these homemade solutions for cleaning their offices.
Maintaining cleanliness in your home is the best way to protect you and your family from acquiring health related problems. Cleaning your home is not just a routine to follow daily. You do not have to keep buying cleaning products from the stores or from the internet again. You can now learn how to make your own cleaning solutions and save yourself from the harm of commercial cleaning products . Discussed below are the benefits of using the products and comprehensive details on how to make homemade cleaning solution.
These are some of the benefits for making your own homemade cleaning solution.
Easy to Make: If you are worried about how you can make your own cleaning solution because you do not know how to do it, then throw away the doubt through the window because making cleaning agents is actually very easy. You only need to mix one portion of vinegar or ammonia with four portions of water in the same measuring unit. Put the resulting solution in a container. It is so simple that anyone can be able to make it within a couple of minutes.
Effectiveness: It is cost effective as you can be able to make the product on your own instead of spending money on commercial cleaning products. Using a vinegar, baking soda solution is effective as it ensures no stains remain on the cleaned surface. The homemade cleaning solution is also effective in the removal of dust and dirt.
It’s cheap: One of the advantages of making homemade cleaning solution yourself is that you can save a ton of money. Commercial cleaning solutions are expensive and measured in small quantities. The savings made can therefore be used on other expenses. Products for making cleaning solutions are very cheap and you can trust them to give you the same results as commercial cleaning products.
Improved health: As a result of better cleaned surfaces your home becomes germs free. Most diseases are related to bacterial infections and as you clean your home well the chances of bacteria remaining on the surfaces are reduced.
No harmful effects on the environment: Strong ingredients in the commercial products that can be very dangerous to those who use them and also to the planet, making your cleaning solution can help protect your family and save the planet. Some commercial products can be very harmful to the environment. Homemade cleaning solutions do not have severe effects on the environment. This is because the products used are eco-friendly and are also safe to the surroundings.
General uses: Homemade cleaning solution can be used for many cleaning works like they are used for floors, carpets, windows as well as doors but with commercial products, you have to buy products for specific works like for carpets you buy products related to the carpet alone and for the bathrooms you get products for the bathroom only. This increases the total cost of buying detergents.
Making Home-based Cleaning Solution
The most important thing about making home-based cleaning solution is that you can find most of the ingredients at home.

These include:
- Baking soda
- White vinegar
- Ammonia
- Rubbing alcohol
- Lemon
These are some of the ingredients used to clean kitchen, bathroom, floors and other features in the home like windows.
For general all-purpose cleaning solutions,
- Fill spray bottle one-third full with white vinegar, add clean water till it is nearly full.
- Put 10 drops of your preferred essential oil (orange, lemon, eucalyptus or tea tree which are good for bathrooms and kitchen). The solution is good for mirrors, tiles, worktops and house appliances. You can spray the solution and leave it with no need to rinse.
- Put 10 ml of this solution to a bucket of warm water for cleaning hard floors.
Heavy- duty spray
These are solutions for greasy areas like the back of a hob, between tiles or kitchen cupboards.
- Mix 30ml white vinegar with a teaspoon of borax on a bottle of 500ml.
- Fill the rest of the space with hot clean water and shake well.
- Put 5 drops of essential oils (3 of lemon and 2 of lavender) and add a teaspoon of liquid castile soap.
- Shake well before you use the solution.
If you are using this product, wear rubber gloves that are used when using borax. Do not use it near food or inhale it. It is safer than other conventional products but has some elements of toxicity in small amounts.
- It can be used to clean very tough, greasy areas like the cooker hood.
- To use it in cleaning the cooker hood filter, put 100g of borax to a sink full of hot water. Allow the filter to soak for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse with cold water.
General cream cleaners
Using a bucket with a lid, Put 90g of baking soda with one litre of water, 5 ml of liquid castile soap and 6 drops of your preferred essential oil
The cleaning solution can be used to clean bathtubs, tiles, appliances and anywhere in the house you want to make fresh and clean. Remember to shake the solution well before use.
Baking Soda crystals
This is another great solution to clean greasy areas in the house.
Put 200g of baking soda crystals in the sink and add hot clean water with a drop of dish washing liquid. Do not put too much as it will make too much form.
Wear rubber gloves and soak the cooker hoods for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse.
Homemade cleaning solutions are of great importance to most home owners and even to the environment. It is advisable to try these solutions which can help you manage your budget well, make your surfaces extra clean, protect your family from diseases, make your home look more attractive and fresh, protect the environment and can be used for general cleaning purposes. With this information you are now in a position to start making cleaning solutions in your Singapore home using lemon, baking soda and vinegar among other ingredients as discussed above.


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