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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

How To Find Reliable Carpet Cleaning Specialists?

Singapore is one place you cannot stay without the need of maid services, laundry services, carpet cleaning or even aircon cleaning. However, people tend to overlook carpet cleaning services because it seems to be DIY project and we all have a vacuum cleaner at our homes. But to maintain the original look of your carpet, you need to think more than just vacuuming.

It is very tough to get a properly skilled people, when it comes to carpet cleaning services, but tough at it is, the last thing you should do is hire undependable carpet cleaning services. So, how do you get a reliable carpet cleaning specialist?

The first thing to do is establishing a comparison base by doing thorough research. To do that you need a list of qualities you believe are essential for a reliable carpet cleaning specialist. These are; reputation, experience, tools and types of equipment used, methods of cleaning, certification and everything else you deem vital.

1. Reputation /credentials
The first thing to take care of is establishing a company reputation. Reputation is everything when it comes to reliability. You can find their reputation by requesting referencing from them. If they have been in business for sometimes, a carpet cleaning specialist should be able to provide a list of the people they have worked for. If you can call the references and ask how they worked, were the technicians courteous? What is it that they didn’t do best? This information should help you know who you are hiring, what to expect from them and what not to expect from them.

You have to remember that you are letting strangers in your house, so checking a company’s reputation should not be taken lightly. You can also check the companies review online or even ask friends who have used the services before. Friends are most likely going to give you the honest reviews than any other source.

2. Experience 
The carpet cleaning expert experience matters a lot. An experienced specialist knows what it means if they aren’t reliable to their customers. Carpets are of different materials, types, and different methods of cleaning are done to each and every of these types. An experienced specialist is mostly likely going to use the best-preferred method to your specific carpet using the right latest techniques. So, find out, how long they have been in business and, if possible, check the testimonials and reviews to get proof.

3. Method used to clean the carpet

There are usually five principles of carpet cleaning. These are 

• Dry Soil Removal: Removing the soil in your carpet should follow a set cleaning standard. The first thing a specialist should do dry soil removal
• Soil suspension: soil suspension has four characteristics; chemical (detergent) application, using temperature or heat to speed up the chemical reaction, agitating carpet fibers to distribute chemicals on it and lastly dwell time for complete chemical reaction.
• Soil extraction: A common method used to extract soil is steam cleaning (hot water extraction)
• Grooming: This eliminates matting of carpet or mat and distributes any cleaning agent.
• Drying: The ideal time to dry a carpet is 6 to 8 hrs. Your carpet specialist can use air mover, ceiling fan or the outdoor environment.

The best carpet cleaning companies should apply all these principles. If a specialist uses a shortcut to any of these principles, then results will be diminished. Make sure you ask the method of cleaning they are using to make sure they understand what they are doing and for what reasons.

4. Cleaning tools, products, and equipment
Professional carpet cleaning is very important especially for people with children and pets. Although the carpet may be cleaned professionally and very clean, not all specialist use hazard free chemicals (detergents) in their carpet cleaning services. You need to establish the kind of products that will be used to clean up your carpet to ensure that they are safe for the crawling children and pets.

5. License/certification
Ask the type of training the specialist has received. A reliable carpet cleaning specialist should have the necessary certification needed to carry out carpet cleaning services. IICRC Is the most common training school, but there are other certifications to look for in the cleaning and restoration industry.

All these factors should be considered in your comparison list. They will determine the kind of company that is reliable and trustworthy. Find a cleaning specialist from your list who meets your requirements. Do not just call them and do all your research online, you should pay them a visit.

As soon as you enter their office, you can be able to get an idea of what their staff are like; Are they friendly and happy to serve you? Friendly staffs are most like to be trustworthy and very reliable. If you allow them to come to your home or your office, they should show some work ethic, you do not want to bring burglars into your own home.

Don’t Just go by price. 
If you really want a reliable cleaning specialist, do not hire the one with an unreasonable low price/bid. Some of these specialists offer low price just to step into your door, and you know what that means. Your focus should not be concentrated on the price rather the services they are offering, the equipment being used and the method of carpet cleaning. Do not get me wrong, low price is better, and preferred, but extremely low price typically means shoddy work. A reputable company cannot be able to stay in operation by offering low price deals.

To assess the reliability of a carpet cleaning company, ask good question before you hire them, There are a number of questions you can ask, For instance,

• Does the price quoted include special kind of treatment like enzymes for pet stains, carpet protection application? Many at times these treatments comes at an additional price.

• Will you use low or neutral PH treatment? Sometimes the method used for example high PH treatment, clean well but my make the carpet magnet to dirt and have a crunchy feel.

• Do you have a guarantee? A reliable carpet cleaning company should be able to offer some kind of guarantee. Ask about the guarantee time before you hire them, so that you can be sure to call in time in case there is a problem.

If you follow these few tips in your search for a reliable carpet cleaning specialist, you will surely get the value for your dollar.