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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Spring Cleaning Tips in Singapore

In order to bring your cleaned and tidy house back to normal, this article will provide you with some simple tips and tricks to easily clean the house. If you are planning to clean the whole house, you will find there is a lot to do and be thinking about the time you will spend in deep spring cleaning will make you tired of cleaning. Therefore, it is better to start the cleaning by checking room by room to quickly decide whether if you need to keep the things or give away or donate or throw away. It is much easier before we start the whole process and spend less time cleaning each room of the house.

In bathrooms, start checking with the medicine cupboard and throw away anything that is expired or you have not used it for a long period. After that move on to the drawers and the closet to check and clean. Next, in the bedrooms, check the more visible areas to see any unwanted kinds of stuff and remove those from the bedrooms, maybe in dressers and get rid of the clothes that you have not worn in last six months, also don't forget to do the same on your shoes as well. Then move on to Kitchen and check the pantry, drawers, Fridge to check any products that are unnecessarily filled up the area and get rid of those.

After removing all the unwanted clutters, now you can start your spring clean and you do not have to spend a whole day to clean your house. Since you have removed all unwanted things from each room, now you have plenty of space to walk through and it gives the area to clean your home. Always, start the cleaning from top to bottom in your house. Such as start with dusting and then wiping down the visible surface. Once the dusting is finished then do the vacuuming part to take off all the dirt. When it comes to furniture wiping and if those are fabric getting a steam cleaning done would be great for the couches.

Next, for the hard surfaces use the all-purpose cleaner and wipe down with the microfiber cloth. The final cleaning will be the floors, with carpet, tile or timber floor areas, where each area needed different cleaning. When it comes to Carpets, it is better Hire a professional carpet steam cleaner, they will remove any kind of stains from your carpet. Thereafter tile and grout also needed a good cleaning, either you can clean it with a brushing the grouts with the tile cleaner and do a professional high-pressure cleaning. When it comes to timber floor, the best way to take off the dirt and bacteria is to mop the floor with hot water, where germs will be killed in the very hot water, right after mopping with the hot water, you can put a sanitizer in the water and give a final mop to the timber floor.

So now the cleaning is done and final step to give a walk through the house and see how better it looks after the proper spring cleaning. By following above order would help you to ease up the cleaning and save the time for you.

Most people love spring. Those of you who also do it will handle the spring cleaning process without any troubles. Although scrubbing the home thoroughly is not a very pleasant task, these spring cleaning tips for the shiny house are going to make it look like a child's play.

Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Unless you are one of 'those people,' you experience at least some stress and anxiety when thinking about getting your home in the proper condition for the spring and summer months. And regardless of the size of your home, it can be hard to make sure nothing slips through the cleaning cracks.
Here are a few tips on how to tackle the process this year. Obviously, your time spent in each area will depend on need.

Kitchen: Dust anything hanging from walls or the ceiling - paintings, fans, etc. Remove any drapes or blinds for cleaning. Clean the oven and refrigerator, including the freezer.

When attacking your stovetop, make sure to remove spill catchers and burner covers. Wipe down all small appliances - toaster, microwave, etc. Run your dishwasher at least once without dishes inside.
Remove food from the cabinets and discard (or donate) items as needed. Wash the inside and re-line if necessary. Organize contents based on use.

Bathrooms: Dust all fixtures and the ceiling. Wipe down and rinse shower walls. Clean as much of your toilet as you can get to. Wash the sink and counters (yes, even those nasty corners).

Clean mirrors. Wash the floors and cabinets. Make sure to tackle the tile grout, if applicable.
Living Room: Dust ceiling, making sure to spend time in the corners. Dust artwork, fans, etc. Remove curtains and have them cleaned. Dust lamps. Wash windows.

Clear all items from storage pieces like bookshelves and entertainment centers. Dust the shelves as well as the items.

Bedrooms: Replace cold weather sheets/pillowcases with ones better suited for spring and summer.
Dust and clean ceilings and curtains, just as you would with the living areas. Clean floors, hunting for spots that need special attention. Dust and organize dressers and closets.

You will find that there may be some aspects of the job that require outside (read: professional) assistance. Tackling older carpeting or adding laminate flooring can sometimes beyond your expertise level. In those instances, it's best to seek out a service provider on the local level.